Love is in the Air

Here it is February 1st, the month for love and romance. I can’t help but think of my love, my best friend, my husband of almost 32 years! I can’t imagine doing life without him as he has been my rock! I love so many things about him but, most of all I love how he loves me. He has supported many decisions I have had to make in regards to our home, finances,  and kids. He is always behind me in whatever my next obsession might be. He trusts me and I trust him.

I want to do something special for him this month! I am going to cook his favorite meal – Lamb Shanks, Mashed Potatoes w/ lamb gravy, carrots. Served with his favorite glass of wine. Isn’t the way to a man’s heart through his stomache? 😉

He also loves to play his guitar for me. That’s what made me fall in love with him. He is such a romantic. I will also let him watch whatever he wants on television which will be something from the History or Smithsonian channels. I will let him tell me everything he knows, which is a lot!

Maybe we can light a fire in the fireplace and sit back with his favorite libation, Tullamore Dew, and reflect on our life, our dreams and our passions. Even after 32 years it never gets old. I know we will be talking about when and where we can take our next motorcycle ride! I love that we have so many things in common.

Yes, love is in the air! And the only one I want to spend it with is YOU, Shweetheart.

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