Maybe my first experience with Lavender was as a child with the sachets my grandmother use to put in her lingerie drawer. I believe there was crushed up lavender flowers in this little paper sealed envelope with a pretty picture on the front of a blooming lavender sprig. I have also smelled lavender in scented candles and soaps but, was that really lavender?  Those scents did not remind me of my grandmother. And when I think about it, they really didn’t smell like lavender at all. But, I have smelled Lavender! Real Lavender! Lavender Essential Oil! Steam Distilled from the actual plant! Now THAT smells like my Grandmother!!

The fragrance of real Lavender can promote an emotional calming environment. I love diffusing it at bedtime after a busy day. It helps calm this overthinker. I have also used Lavender on my skin after run ins with a knife or oven. Yes, I like to call Lavender the “Swiss Army Knife” of Essential Oils.

There are a lot of Lavender Essential Oils out there and I am sure some of them are pretty good. I prefer Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil. Why? Because I have seen the farm in Mona, Utah where it grows. I have seen how it is steam distilled right on that farm after harvest. And I have watched Young Living’s Seed to Seal steps to ensure that every bottle of Lavender Essential Oil that I purchase is 100% pure. That is why it smells like my Grandmother.

101 Lavender




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