First blog post

Well here I am! Blogging for the first time in my life and yes it is my “Latest greatest magnificent obsession”!

So why am I here? Well my main focus is to help folks. I love helping folks better themselves. How would I like to do that? Well, I have been on this planet for 63 going on 64 years and I have learned a thing or two. My past jobs have been Directory Assistance Operator, Retail Clerk, Banker, Preschool Teacher, Bus Driver, Activities Director, and currently Entrepreneur. I hope what I have to offer can help you become healthier, wiser, understanding, and more importantly, loving.

I have so many interests with my number one being a Wife and Mother. I have been married almost 32 years and have raised 4 beautiful children. I am a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor and have been helping folks learn about the benefits of Essential Oils for almost 2 years. I love to craft – you name it, I’ve probably had my hand in it. My favorites are DIY’s, Scrapbooking, Crocheting and Sewing.  I am my family’s Genealogist! I also love to Garden and Cook, (or is it Cook and Garden?) Anyways, that about sums me up.

I am excited to see where this blogging adventure leads me. Until next time, What’s your latest greatest magnificent obsession? Keep it respectful and clean, thank you.

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