Going on Adventures!


I would have to say that my desire to go on adventures began at a very young age. I have never been one to sit still for very long so it was natural to imagine great adventures in the small space of my backyard.

On one particular occasion I spent an entire day with my neighbor reliving  “The Wizard of Oz” in her backyard. It was a perfect location with cement paths that easily transformed into the “Yellow Brick Road”. I was Dorothy and she was the Scarecrow.  We took that trip through the forest to the Emerald City. We met and dealt with every character along the way. Even the Wicked Witch of the West! It was quite the adventure!

Oh the hours my sisters and I were mermaids in our built-in swimming pool. We had an Island to rest on. We would swim for hours diving deep to find the largest pearl. The best mermaid is the one who could stay under the water the longest.

As I got older and my childhood was a memory I chose real live adventures. Camping in all of the National Parks is one of my dreams. So Far I have been to 10. My first being the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The energy and awe I  experienced standing on the rim is something that I will always carry with me. And just last year I was able to see the Giants of the Redwood Forest in Northern California. I felt like a dwarf standing in one of the hollowed out tree trunks.

My Young Living Business has been a huge adventure! I have been to so many places learning and growing not only my business but, myself. In March I traveled to Florida for conference and recently to Maryland for another conference. What was adventurous about them? I stayed in 5 Star Hotels! I met leaders that I have look up to that have become celebrities. And the personal development has been invaluable. I am growing this business so that I can complete my bucket list of places I plan to visit, adventures I plan to take. So stay tuned!!


Maybe my first experience with Lavender was as a child with the sachets my grandmother use to put in her lingerie drawer. I believe there was crushed up lavender flowers in this little paper sealed envelope with a pretty picture on the front of a blooming lavender sprig. I have also smelled lavender in scented candles and soaps but, was that really lavender?  Those scents did not remind me of my grandmother. And when I think about it, they really didn’t smell like lavender at all. But, I have smelled Lavender! Real Lavender! Lavender Essential Oil! Steam Distilled from the actual plant! Now THAT smells like my Grandmother!!

The fragrance of real Lavender can promote an emotional calming environment. I love diffusing it at bedtime after a busy day. It helps calm this overthinker. I have also used Lavender on my skin after run ins with a knife or oven. Yes, I like to call Lavender the “Swiss Army Knife” of Essential Oils.

There are a lot of Lavender Essential Oils out there and I am sure some of them are pretty good. I prefer Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil. Why? Because I have seen the farm in Mona, Utah where it grows. I have seen how it is steam distilled right on that farm after harvest. And I have watched Young Living’s Seed to Seal steps to ensure that every bottle of Lavender Essential Oil that I purchase is 100% pure. That is why it smells like my Grandmother.

101 Lavender




Just one of my Passions!

I have always been concientious about what I put in my body. Be it food, vitamins, over the counter or pharmacuetical medications, what I put in my body matters to me! But, I never realized until about a year and a half ago that what we BREATHE  in and what we put ON our skin can be just as harmful as what we put IN our bodies.

I am preparing to do a “Chemical Free Home” presentation at my local library. In preparing for this presentation I have been overwhelmed at the many articles and books I have found warning consumers about the toxins in their homes.  These toxins are “Endrocrine disruptors and can cause Asthma Chemcials like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ethanolamine, Propyl Glycol, Propyl Alcohol, Methyl-metoxycinnamate, Toulene, Benzene, Talc, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Triclosan, Formaldehyde, Aluminum have all been investigated and proven not to be good for our Bodies inside and out! If you want to do your own research check out Pubmed.org, scholar.google.com and EWG.org.

So what can you do? Is it already too late? Well it’s never too late to take control of your health and there are alternatives. My first choice is Young Living Essential Oils. Not only can I make my own safe products with their oils, there are a ton of recipes out there, but, they also offer all kinds of solutions to my cleaning and skin regiment.  Here is a true story – Since diffussing YL Essential Oils I cannot stand the smell of artifical fragrances in plug ins, candles and sprays. Yuck! They literally give me a headache.

Here is a DIY for an All Purpose Cleaner – So much healthier and you don’t have to open windows or wear a mask – 3 parts water, 1 part vinegar, 1 tsp. Lemon Juice, 5-7 drops of Lemon Essential Oil.

How about replacing your Fabric Softener, yes folks they are full of toxins, with Wool Dryer Balls. Add a couple of drops of Essential Oil to get that clean smell.

As for the overall smell for your home, well I can only suggest diffusing Essential Oils. And if you are going to do that, make sure you know the quality because what goes up your nose travels through your bloodstream. Essential Oils can benefit your body when used aromatically.

As I wrap this up I am reminded of the 3 or 4 times I have had to call Poison Control because one of my toddlers got into one of those chemcials under my sink. When I use my Young Living products and DIY’s I don’t have to worry anymore about what harm they might cause my granddaughter.  If I only had known.

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My First Love


My very wise Aunt, who is also my Godmother, told me that the key to a long, happy marriage is to put God First, then my husband and then my children. It took me 12 years to figure out exactly what she meant but, since then I have tried to make that my life’s motto.

So, today, I will write about how and when I met my first love, Jesus.

In 1959 my parents moved from our home in Norwalk, California to a brand new house in Buena Park, California. And although I am uncertain on the exact details as to why, my sweet little Grandmother Bellamy came to live with us. She was a caring Grandmother who showered all of us with love and affection. She took care of us when my parents would go away for weekends or out on dates. One of the things she insisted on, and my parents backed her up, was that she take us to church. I was 7 years old when I first walked into St. Pius V Roman Catholic Church. I was in AWE! There was no doubt in my mind that God was there. The smell of burning candles and incense filled my senses. The statues and stained glass windows filled my mind with visions of Heaven.  I started Catechism classes in the 2nd grade. Back then the Sisters taught our classes and they were always kind, but strict. I made my First Holy Communion in the Spring. That was my first encounter with Jesus. Grandma was faithful to her committment to see that we were raised in the faith in which we were baptized. I was confirmed at 12 and became a “Soldier of Christ”.  I have so many memories of those years attending Saturday Catechism and Sunday Mass. I remember the many questions I would ask my grandma about faith and when she could not give me an answer she said, “Well Debbie, that is a mystery and we will learn the answer when we go to Heaven.” Whenever I was good or kind to someone she would say, “You just added a jewel to your crown in Heaven.” She taught us all of our prayers and I remember saying the Rosary with her on many occassions. I had no doubt in my mind that she loved Jesus. She always demonstrated that love by her words and actions.

I have a vivid memory of a time she gave all of us a half dollar to go to the store to buy candy. As we were walking  I was flipping that fifty cent piece up in the air and catching it in my hand. Well low and behold if that coin didn’t drop into a bed of ivy. I searched and searched. It was lost. I was devastated. I ran back home crying to Grandma that I lost my money. She very calmly and gently said, “Let’s say a prayer to St. Anthony. He is the patron saint of lost things. He will help you find it.” So we did. Not going to lie, I was skeptical but, on faith I went back to where I dropped the coin. When I got there I looked down, and there it was! Shining as bright as the morning sun! Oh yes, I believe that St. Anthony is the finder of lost things. I can’t tell you how many times he has come to my rescue!

I was not always appreciative of the sacrifice my little grandma made to ensure I learned and understood my faith. When puberty started setting in there were times I rebelled because I wanted to sleepover with my friends and not get up for Mass on Sunday. Oh and yes, sometimes I even resented it. But, Grandma was always firm and did not give in, even when I was being a brat. No, I didn’t understand or appreciate what she was doing for me. And at 13 when my parents split up, I stopped going to Mass. But, you know, there was always that light inside of me that shined and radiated. It kept me searching for what I already knew. It kept me longing to grow those seeds that were planted by my dear Grandma. Longing and searching until I met my second love, my husband.

I am thankful to God that my little Grandma was alive to see me married in the Catholic Church. I am thankful to God that she was was alive to see my children baptized in the faith. I am thankful to God that He gave me the grace to tell her “Thank You” so many years later. I am thankful that God gave me a grandmother who sacrified, loved and cared for me  so that I can say “Jesus is my first love”.


First blog post

Well here I am! Blogging for the first time in my life and yes it is my “Latest greatest magnificent obsession”!

So why am I here? Well my main focus is to help folks. I love helping folks better themselves. How would I like to do that? Well, I have been on this planet for 63 going on 64 years and I have learned a thing or two. My past jobs have been Directory Assistance Operator, Retail Clerk, Banker, Preschool Teacher, Bus Driver, Activities Director, and currently Entrepreneur. I hope what I have to offer can help you become healthier, wiser, understanding, and more importantly, loving.

I have so many interests with my number one being a Wife and Mother. I have been married almost 32 years and have raised 4 beautiful children. I am a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor and have been helping folks learn about the benefits of Essential Oils for almost 2 years. I love to craft – you name it, I’ve probably had my hand in it. My favorites are DIY’s, Scrapbooking, Crocheting and Sewing.  I am my family’s Genealogist! I also love to Garden and Cook, (or is it Cook and Garden?) Anyways, that about sums me up.

I am excited to see where this blogging adventure leads me. Until next time, What’s your latest greatest magnificent obsession? Keep it respectful and clean, thank you.